Be Ecowise

  • Camping care code

    Learn how to be a careful camper and practise 'no trace' camping.

    Camping care code
  • Find a dump station

    Visit the AA website to find your nearest dump station - go to the map and search on 'dump station'. Or, on the road, look for the blue dump station symbol. Or, search on the Camper Mate or Camping NZ app.

    AA Map
  • Toilets

    Use this map to find public toilets throughout New Zealand. Search on 'toilets'.

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  • No toilets?

    Find out how to dispose of human waste properly in the outdoors. It is VERY important as leaving human waste in natural areas can result in contaminated water supplies and soils.

    Dispose of human waste
  • Holiday Parks

    New Zealand holiday parks are found in the country's most beautiful locations. Visit this website to search by region.
  • Department of Conservation campsites

    Conservation campsites are places to relax, enjoy and explore the outdoors. DOC manages more than 200 campsites throughout New Zealand. Choose from forest settings, lakeshores and sandy beaches.This website includes booking and paying.